II Edition – Beyond the body…the soul




II Edition – 2013

Rivarolo Canavese, Casa Toesca and Villa Vallero
16 November– 8 December 2013


OVER 30 Years Old

UNDER 30 Years Old


The Carlo Bonatto Minella Art Prize, dedicated to the three sister arts, painting, sculpture and photography, organized by Areacreativa42 of Rivarolo Canavese, had his Second Edition with 823 works selected for contest, including 273 for the category under 30 years old and 550 for the category over 30 years.

The finalists and winners, after a long and careful evaluation of the submitted material, have been decreed by a jury chaired by Vittorio Sgarbi, who decided for 4 winners for the two categories, two special mentions for young people and 40 finalists.

In this second edition , the theme was chosen in connection with a careful analysis of the corpus of the works of Carlo Bonatto Minella ( Frassinetto1855 – 1878), an artist unknown to the general public but who has been able to leave an impression of relief in the Piedmontese art scene in the second half of the nineteenth century .

“Over the body … the soul” is a topic that originates from the images “essential” painted by the young Charles, who , as noted by Camillo Langone  ” is taken from his brushes in 1878 , just twenty-two (I repeat: twenty-two, age at which today seems that no artist can produce anything worth being presented to the public)”. Bonatto Minella instead left us masterpieces such as the silent and suspended altarpiece with “The piety”, kept in the Parish Church of Frassinetto in Canavese ( TO); here the stripping of the lifeless body of Christ and the vibrant atmosphere of “a time in time” suggest the invisible to the eye : the soul !

Letting us being mesmerized by the naked body of Christ / man painted by Carlo Bonatto Minella , which gives a glimpse of the inner life, the essence and what’s invisible to the eye , the artists have created fascinating visual interpretations , intimate and personal , “from the deep spiritual content and the perceived emotional tension ” , as noted by Karin Reisovà .

In fact, in the unfolding of the exhibitions of  the winners and the other 40 finalists in the two locations of Casa Toesca and Villa Vallero in Rivarolo Canavese , it’ll be possible to see the infinite points of view with which the artists dealt with the topic, broke down as through a kaleidoscope .

The artists have preferred to move within known ground, barely touching the invisible, the breath of the soul, leaving it to guess , hear, feel , through a gesture , a look, a longing . The tension of the bodies, among young people and among “the over” , is always directed to the “here and now”, with the desire to be addressing the topic interwoven with ancient and timeless social surveys, personal or poetic . With these interesting results, in the eighteenth-century Casa Toesca it is hosted the exhibition of the 4 winners of both categories, while the finalists will exhibit the works presented in the competition in a group exhibition at Villa Vallero .

Areacreativa42 , as organizer of the Prize is proud to have been able , thanks to a specialized jury and its president , to spread the Prize on a  national and international level , encouraging a wide participation .

All this gave great prestige to the initiative, helping to confirm and support the commitment and seriousness of Areacreativa42 , whose activity has been moved from the beginning by a strong enthusiasm , passion and dedication to art in all its forms.

The Award has also allowed us to create situations of confrontation and encounter , an added value, a  development and strengthening of Areacreativa42 ; elements resulting in a strong and significant encouragement to new prospects and projects to be implemented .

It is in fact born a fruitful collaboration with the Gallery Hernandez of Milan, where the exhibition of the 4 winners will take place from 23 January to 8 March 2014.

Following are the names of the winners and finalists , as well as of the young artists that Vittorio Sgarbi wanted to reward, with special mentions.

Winners of the  cathegory under 30 ex aequo

Valentina CECI – Simone GILARDI

Winners of the  cathegory over 30 ex aequo

Leo Ferdinando Demetz – Doriano Scazzosi

Special Mention of the Jury President

Erika RIEHLE – Giuseppe LO SCHIAVO

Finalists of the  cathegory under 30

Amedeo ABELLO and Federico MORANDO , Marianna ADEL Labib , Chiara AIME , Jorit CERULLO , Stefano CESARATO , Anna CIRILLO , Alessandra DONNARUMMA , DIEGOKOI , Miriam FERRARA , Matteo Ferretti , Valentina Grilli , Roberta LoGiudice ,  Giacomo MODOLO , Michele PIERPAOLI , Sheila Pizzighello , Marco Romano Ilaria Sagaria , Maria SAVOLDI .


Finalists of the  cathegory over 30

AQUA AURA , Anna Caruso, Max CIOGLI , Elena Corina COHAL , Patrick Dalli , Mauro Davoli , Antonio DE CLARE , Jacopo Dimastrogiovanni , Attilio GIORDANO , Ferdinando GRECO , Anna MADIA , Tonino MATTU , Michela MILANI , Matteo Pagani , Riccardo Ruberti , Stefano Solimani , Laura TOSCA , Flavio ULLUCCI , Alfonso e Nicola Vaccari , Giovanni Zoda .



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