PANORAMI – LANDSCAPE – KRAJINA – First annual symposium

Ist annual symposium


Symposium deserving students

SCHOOL OF ART AND EXPERTISE  Vaclav Hollar of Prague

Referent of the project: Karin Reisovà Chiono director of Areacreativa42 Casa Toesca, seat of the exhibition and of the symposium, and Prof. Jan Tichy, professor, creator and referent of the project.

The art school and higher specialization Vaclav Hollar was founded in 1920, and at that time boasted among teachers Vratislav Hugo Brunne for the graphic, Rudolf Kremlicka and Jan Konupek for painting. In 1932 was directed by the graphic, designer and painter Ladislav Sutnar. Jaromir Funke that tought advertising and photography.

Since 1954 the school, that is situated in the Vinohrady district, is called Hollarka and is one of the most prestigious art schools in the Czech Republic. The institute has an excellent teaching staff consists of artists active in various sectors of the disciplines.

The project of the symposium was founded in the autumn of 2013 as a result of the meeting between Karin Reisovà Chiono and the artist Jan Tichy, a professor at Vaclav Hollar . The idea is to create an experience primarily for students of Vaclav Hollar.