Secret de famille – Les angles morts

5 November 2014 – 22 March 2015

During the period when Turin will be dedicated to contemporary art, with maximum visibility, at Artissima (7-9 November 2014) Areacreativa42 also opens the doors of Casa Toesca for a double date all with women. Wednesday, November 5 Clémentine Carsberg, who is involved in the “Residences artist” at Casa Toesca will conclude its stay in town with the inauguration of its installation in the space of limonaia; at the same time the exhibition of the photographer Carmen Cardillo will take place on the first floor.

The cooperation, through the mediation of Clémentine, arises from the Turin sculptor Christian Piccinelli, already a guest at the association with the exhibition “Migrants heads”(May 29-June 29 2014). The first meeting between the two artists dates back to 2013, on the occasion of the 15th edition of “Ouverture d’Ateliers d’Artiste”, organized by the Association Servieres Château de Marseille and was followed last June 2014 at the atelier of Turin during “AccaAtelier”, an annual event that opens the doors of artists’ studios to the general public.

Keen observer and a great lover of what she calls the “archaeological traces,” Clémentine has drawn inspiration from a room on the second floor of Casa Toesca for the construction of an installation in papier peint (wallpaper) in the space of limonaia. The wallpaper, the hallmark of its production, is the material that best fits with the conduct meditation on the ravages of time chronicling the house, an operation that is summed up in the title of the residence Secret de famille – Les angles morts. Subtle traces, barely suggested, that become full of universal meanings, without telling a story too precise. Clémentine proposes a new reading of the space: decorative, two-dimensional, flattened but, at the same time, illusion, which hides the Détachement, the irony. In every day life, upholstery hides, obstructs the view, covers the imperfections of the wall surfaces. Likewise in Clémentine’s installations: as a humble material, poor, which has the potential to hide the visible, to standardize, to confuse the observer and let his eye meditate.

Thanks to the collaboration of teachers and of the young Department of Culture of the city, on the day of Wednesday, November 5 Casa Toesca will be opened already from the morning to accommodate the children of local schools by involving them in workshops of photography and collage.