17th October – 15th November 2015.

Areacreativa42 is pleased and honored to host at Casa Toesca the exhibitions of the artists ZHOU JIAN (China) and TRS ZDENEK (Czech Republic), winners of the ART PRIZE CBM, III Edition.

“Jian Zhou (China), winner of the under 30 category, and Zdeněk Trs (Czech Republic), winner of the over 30, travel between real and only imagined spaces.

The young Zhou traces, with the strength of a technique that finds its roots in an ancient past, a harmonious landscape, vibrant, green, fulfilling. It is an open space, populated by dense vegetation, described in a defined area, within borders laid down with decision. On the contrary, the space conceived by Trs is silent, brooding, dream-like; qualities without which it would be unlikely to see those visions that emerge from oblivion or come from the cosmos. Both artists listen to the space, and then reveal an ideal oasis to stop at or images of a desired life, for Jian, and metaphors of the invisible or reference anchors, for Zdeněk.” (A. D’Amico)

Winner of category under30: Jian Zhou (China).

He was born in 1987 and after graduating at the China Academy of Art, he moved to London to study at the Royal College of Arts. As multifaceted artist, he combines painting with its specialization in printing and wood carving. He has already shown, in the past five years, in China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Winner of the category over30: Zdeněk Trs (Czech Republic)

He was born in 1985 and he trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the city where he lives and works. Virtuous painter, he processes refined oil compositions in a few colors, equipped with optical effects. Since 2006 he exhibited in numerous exhibitions and fairs in the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy.

Exhibition catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale.

The exhibition is open until November 15, Saturday and Sunday, 10 / 6 pm, other days and times by appointment.